Dogan Ltd is known for it’s famous brand name TITANIC 

The Company was established in 1991 by Avi Dogan and is one of the leading companies in its field. 

The company Manufacture Aluminum Containers, Aluminum Household Foils and Cling film, also  Import and sells disposable goods for the food, medical and veterinarian industries. 

Offers a wide range of goods to various industries putting a special emphasis on quality and standard (required by the standard institute). The range includes disposable clothing, footwear items and disposable products for the food industry. 

Dogan’s company can provide any special request including printing company’s logo on 
every product. 

The company has a wide experience and a good reputation based on reliability, professionalism and many clients all over the country in all fields. 

Dogan Avi Ltd. is a family company and its first priority is to give satisfaction according 
to the needs putting a special emphasis on quality, service and reliability. 

We will be happy to provide any further information you require to the best of our 

Dogan Family Ltd.